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School opens on Tuesday 4th September 2018

Family Mentor

Mrs Render is our Learning Mentor. She is very good at listening and helping people to solve problems that sometimes make them unhappy or behave in a different way.

Mrs Render can be found in the following places: her room through the doors in reception, Lunchtime Club everyday from 12 till 1pm, coffee morning for parents in one of the spare classrooms in the 70s block and in classrooms.

Mrs Render runs groups for children every afternoon. She runs a confidence group a Time to Talk Group and various social groups.

Mrs Render has a 'Worry Box' in her room. The 'Worry Box' is for anyone to post a worry in and Mrs Render will read them and try to help.

Mrs Render works hard to make sure that everyone comes to school every day, has good attendance and punctuality and learn well.

If you are feeling worried, sad, lonely or if someone is being unkind to you - Mrs Render would like to help you!

Parents and Carers

Mrs Render is also available for parents and carers in order to support them with any concerns they may have such as:

    • Worries about your child’s behaviour and parenting difficulties
    • Any problems in school e.g. your child getting upset about coming to school, bullying etc.
    • Bereavement
    • Parental separation
    • Domestic violence

You can contact Mrs Render by calling into school to see her at any time or by ringing 01977 802325.

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