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  • Intention
  • At Half Acres we believe that Music is a universal language that everyone can understand. It is academic, physical and emotional. Through their engagement in musical studies we intend that our pupils will:

• Sharpen their cognitive skills and increase their capacity to perform tasks that require sustained attention and careful listening and reading.
• Increase their collaborative skills through performing in groups.
• Develop their imagination and intellectual curiosity.
• Become more emotionally developed, empathic towards others and be better equipped to cope with negative emotions.

Music study leads to lasting changes in children’s brains and we feel confident that an investment in musical studies in our primary school will deliver lifelong benefits for our pupils.


Early Years
Music is an integral part of the Early Years curriculum as it develops crucial listening skills. As such, it is taught extensively through Phase 1 phonics sessions when the children first begin their learning journeys in Nursery. As well as discreet teaching sessions, the children have continuous access to music based areas of provision in which to practise and embed their skills and learning. 

In both Nursery and Reception, the children have an abundance of opportunities to listen and respond to music through Squiggle Whilst You Wiggle and Dough Disco sessions. They take part in daily singing sessions and they take part in performances for parents at key points in the year such as Christmas.

Key Stage 1
In Key Stage 1, the children are taught music in weekly timetabled sessions. Teachers predominantly use the Music Express scheme appropriate to their age phase to support their teaching.  Additionally, they access the resources provided on the Charanga music website.

All Key Stage 1 pupils take part in “weekly lessons and whole school singing assemblies which provides them with the opportunity to perform as part of larger choir in school. Year 2 pupils take part in CASPA (Castleford Pyramid of Arts): an event in which the towns primary schools join together to mark the end of the school year by performing a variety of themed songs as part of a large choir.

After school ocarina club is offered to children who wish to learn an instrument.

Key Stage 1 and 2 pupils also take part in the Last Choir Standing where each class learns a song on a common theme, most recently British values. They then perform as part of an in-house competition with one class being crowned the winner in each Key Stage. 

Key Stage 2
In Key Stage 2 children take part in weekly taught sessions. As with Key Stage 1, teachers predominantly use the Music Express schemes appropriate to their age phase to support their teaching as well as the Charanga music website. Year 4 are currently part of the Wider Opportunity scheme in which they receive a weekly lesson delivered by a music specialist.

Year 6 pupils take part in CASPA as detailed above.

Pupils in Years 4 and 5 take part in Young Voices in which they learn specially selected and diverse songs and join with other groups of children to perform together as part of a mass choir of thousands at Sheffield Arena. The children perform with the accompaniment of a live 7-piece band to an audience.  It is a very memorable and exciting experience.

After school provision by skilled TAs is also offered to pupils wanting to further their interest in music. Currently recorder and guitar clubs are offered. Pupils in Key Stage 2 also enjoy participating in an extra curricular choir and enjoy performing for groups in the local community.

Due to the nature of music, evaluation of the subject content is through observation of lessons and final performances by leaders. Further to this, pupil conferencing takes place to find out how well pupils can discuss elements of music outside of the music lesson.

Pupil achievement against the National Curriculum outcomes are tracked to show which children are working towards, meeting or exceeding the lesson objectives and which pupils are on track to be working at age related standard or beyond at the end of each Key Stage.

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